1. How does one make a reservation at Enbliss?

    Please go to the Reservations page of our website and fill in your details in the form. We will get back to you with an email reply within 24 hours (max).

  2. Is it necessary to call ahead to confirm a reservation?

    It is not necessary to call. Please just send us an email and if itai??i??s the daytime for us you should have a response in a couple of hours. If itai??i??s night then it could take a maximum of 12 hours. You will always get a detailed and coherent answer to most of your queries if you send an e-mail. In case you want to call Us you are welcome to call on number given in home page.

  3. How do I get to Enbliss – can I be picked up from the Airport?

    There are 2 options to get to our place.
    If you give us your flight details we can send a cab from Enbliss. The driver will stand outside EXIT NO. 6 (International Flights – Terminal 3) and EXIT NO. 3 (Domestic Flights – Terminal 3) carrying a placard with your name on it. This will cost Rs 1500 (plus airport parking charges). The cab will bring you straight to the Enbliss and is the most hassle free way to get here.

    Please reconfirm your reservation for a car pickup 48 hours before you travel.
    A pre-paid taxi counter is available at the airport as you exit the Customs hall. You can book a pre-paid cab. The cost is fixed. But do keep a copy of the detailed address & directions to the guest house for your convenience. You can download the driving directions from our website page:
    “Key Distances” (http://www.enblisshome.com/location.html). or
    propicia. http://www.enblisshome.com/how-to-reach.html

  4. Landmarks near Enbliss are: Kailas colony Metro Station & National Heart Institute.

  5. Can you organize a taxi for local Delhi sightseeing?

    Yes we can arrange a local taxi from our regular reliable cab companies at reasonable cost. Just let the caretaker(s) know & they will do the needful.

  6. We would like to go to Agra/Jaipur?Can you organize a car to visit these places?

    We can arrange a car for you to visit Agra/Jaipur, from our regular reliable cab companies at reasonable cost. For train tickets, it is advisable to book well in advance because train travel being low priced, there is always a big rush for tickets. It is advisable to book well in advance before you arrive in India. The best sites to book are: www.makemytrip.com, www.yatra.com, www.cleartrip.com.

  7. My flight comes in late at night ai??i?? will there be someone to let me in?

    No problem – most flights to Delhi tend to come in at night. Let us know your arrival time at the guest house & one of the caretakers will be waiting for you, or the guard will call the caretaker who will check you in. Check-in formalities will be completed the next morning at breakfast time.

  8. Can you book us tours for Shimla and other parts of India?

    For tours to Shimla & other places, we can put you in touch with reliable travel companies who specialize in arranging tour & travels.

  9. Can you provide meals when I am at Enbliss?

    We can also arrange free home from nearby good restaurant food.

    The Community Center east of kailash is about 500 meters away and has a number of restaurants & street food outlets for local food from all over India. Kailash colony market is also walking distance has number of good restaurants which are economical prices.

    There are over 70 gourmet restaurants in nearby Greater Kailash Part I & II, which exist only because they are good and not because they are part of any hotel. You can eat from a budget of $2 to $100.

    Check these out at Zomato.

  10. Do you have a Front Desk or a Concierge.

    We are a Bed and Breakfast and by law the Government of Delhi does not allow us to have a front desk. This is to differentiate us from hotels. Ask for Jitender, our resident tourist guide, concierge &” Man Friday”. He will provide you with sensible, friendly advice and we hope you will not miss the services of a concierge.

  11. My flight comes in late at night and I donai??i??t want to get up early. Can I get breakfast late?

    We understand & appreciate that you need to rest after a long and tiring flight. We will serve you breakfast whenever you wake up ai??i?? even if itai??i??s past normal breakfast time!

  12. Can you advise me on Delhi sightseeing places?

  13. Your room will have a list of places you must see with our recommendations. Ask Jitender who will guide you.

  14. I need to let my family/ friends/ office know I have arrived safely ai??i?? is there Internet available?

    We have Wi-Fi broadband and its free of charge (donai??i??t you hate paying for Internet at some places ai??i?? we certainly do) the password is available in your room and you can use your laptop or on smart phone from your room or use the Computer in one of the lounges. If for some reason your laptop or smart phone doesnai??i??t work its because you probably have a firewall in place.

  15. Do you have any medical facilities available?

    Around Enbliss there are several state of the art medical facilities/hospital some are at just 500mts. Please check their names at other section of this website We have access to a good doctor who will make house calls for a fee. We also have some good pharmacies around and medicines are easily available at low prices. In additional we have Primus Hospital and National Heart Institute ai??i?? a clinic close by where you can consult with specialists through the week. There are some very good ophthalmologist (eye doctors) & dentists around too ai??i?? just in case you want to have some dental work done. It will save you big money

  16. I need a local mobile phone ai??i?? can you help me in getting one?

    Itai??i??s a good idea to have a local cell phone when in India – the tariffs are low and itai??i??s a great help while you are traveling in the country. Here again Jitender can help you get a sim card. Take your passport, copy of your photograph and he will ensure you have a working phone connection within an hour. There is a choice of low cost phones too. If you havenai??i??t brought your phone with you ai??i?? just buy one.
    Have a wonderful stay at Enbliss. If there is anything you need, please let us know and we will do our best to have it done promptly